May 08, 2021

Aurora Game 1 - 1977

1976 was a reasonably smooth year. We began construction of the new AKX Mk II, as well as retooling yards on the new railgun destroyer escorts. Next year, we plan to start construction on the monitors proposed a couple of years ago, or possibly on minelayers if the consensus is to go with those instead. Beyond that, it was just the normal business of moving equipment to our colonies. The other news was that Opinuchus Primere passed the 10 million mark, and we dispatched a frigate to cover it.

Database is here.


  1. May 09, 2021Emilio said...


    Where is the first message of this thread?

  2. May 09, 2021bean said...

    The Aurora game started here. All of the various parts can be found under the Aurora tag.

  3. May 16, 2021echo said...

    Have you taken a look at .13 yet? Was going to start a new run soonish, try out the new features.
    One neat little tidbit: in .12 a sector gov will apply his terraforming skill to population growth instead, because Aurora.

    I've been designing some low-tech ships for getting early you-know-who wrecks, but it takes some particle beam tech. Are you going down that path at some point?

  4. May 16, 2021bean said...

    I haven't with 1.13 (got captured by HOI4 instead), but new versions are almost always what they say in the notes.

    As for particle beams, wasn't planning to go that way. I usually specialize in one type of the major beams per game, and this time, it's lasers.

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