Top Posts

Over the past two years, I've written a lot on a wide variety of topics, and the main index is occasionally overwhelming, even for me. So I've put this together as a shorter list of posts that I and/or others have found interesting. Some of these are multi-post series, and I usually have only linked to the first post.

Probably the most popular thing I've written is my rebuttal of the claims that the carriers are all doomed if war breaks out with China. I've covered finding the carriers, conventional missile attack, ballistic missiles and submarines.

For those who are completely new to naval warfare, I've written a basic introduction to naval strategy, spotter's guides to warships of the World Wars and the modern era, short histories of the battleship, aircraft carrier, cruiser, destroyer and submarine and an explanation of modern strike warfare.

Another thing people have called out are my reviews of the various military-related museums I've been to over the years. There are quite a few, as well as some contributed by readers.

One of my main interests is the technical side of battleships. I've written an account of the armored capital ship from the first ironclads through Dreadnought and the last battleships. There's also coverage of the basic technical topics, such as how the guns were aimed, armor, propulsion and the big guns themselves

But it's not just the technical side that holds my interest, and there's a lot on naval history. Notable examples are my series on the Battle of Jutland, the largest clash of battleships in history, and the 24-part series on the Falklands War in 1982. Other posts of interest are American, British, German, Japanese, Italian and French battleships in World War II and fate of the battleships that were at Pearl Harbor.

But it's not all battleships, and I have a particular fondness for weird corners of the naval world. Some notable stuff in this category are the series on the auxiliary ships that supply fuel, ordnance, and other support, coastal defenses and my coverage of riverine warfare around the world.