November 20, 2020

Aurora Game 1 - Fleet Building

I've added all of the ships from the Setup thread into an updated database. I plan to make actual allocations during the virtual meetup, with actual play beginning next week. But that means I need actual direction for the fleet, beyond "a Tourville or two". The updated database should make it easy.

Post-meetup, we've added a number of new ships and variants on existing ones. New database.

The French Republic's first trip to another star took place on February 1st, 1960, when GSV Caelum transited to Bernard's Star. I've uploaded a new database here. I also discovered that the jump drive system has been tweaked, and that now military jump drives apparently can't carry commercial-engined ships. To get out of the pickle this placed me in, I went in and gave us the next level of jump drive tech, which actually shrank the ships slightly, so I topped them off with more fuel.


  1. November 21, 2020echo said...

    BTW, it looks like there are some fairly serious bugs with 1.12, like using components in shipbuilding not reducing cost, and rakha populations disappearing on save and reload

  2. November 21, 2020bean said...

    I've seen the components work in my own games, and I'm not even sure that Rakha populations are implemented in our game. Don't want to put this on hold just as we're getting some momentum. If it gets bad, I can always reimplement manually in 1.13.

  3. November 23, 2020bean said...

    We messed around with the Aurora game during the meetup, and came up with a number of new designs. I've uploaded the new database, which hopefully gives us a better base to actually select our ships from going forward.

  4. November 24, 2020ADifferentAnonymous said...

    I think I've mostly figured out how to read the database (since I can't run the game)... the only anomaly is that I can't figure out what Suffren does.

    That aside, here's my proposal—-not the best informed, given my lack of hands-on experience, but should get things started.

    Warships (7288 BP): 1x Foch 1x Jeanne d'Arc 2x Toulouse 2x Epee 1x Richelieu 6x Chevalier

    Other (35911 BP): 72x jump-capable Baudin (~half being a geo-survey variant) 9x Coureur des Bois 3x Champlain

    Comments: * Initial-tech warships probably won't be very good, so I mostly focus on economic expansion with a small fleet mostly for officer development. * Fleet doctrine is that we probably can't do both beam and missile warfare well with such a small investment, so we focus on missiles. * I like the smaller survey-ship approach: each ship can hit fewer survey points and so spend less time in transit. But the really compelling factor is jump drive cost scaling, which actually leaves jump-capable Baudin with better sensors/cost ratio than jump-capable Cartier. * Balance of cargo ships to colony ships is a complete guess (roughly equal spending on each).

    Also, if we want more Asterix-themed names I can help with that, this being one of the few areas where I possess a significant paper-book library. (For starters, if we can decide who our main enemy is, we should definitely use the Roman Empire theme on them).

  5. November 24, 2020bean said...

    The Suffren was an attempt at a tanker, aborted when we realized that we only had the small size of fuel tanks, which make tankers really expensive.

    72 survey ships seems like a lot more than we actually need. We do need a stabilization ship or two, which I can whip up easily.

  6. November 26, 2020bean said...

    I think I may do a softer launch of the fleet. We'll start with a dozen jump-capable Baudins and the rest of ADA's fleet, and go from there. Results will be up tomorrow afternoon.

  7. November 27, 2020bean said...

    Play has begun! I started us with a fleet of 12 grav survey ships (renamed the Orion class so I didn't have to hunt down French explorer names for all of them) and 6 geosurvey ships, all based on the 3000 ton jump Baudin class. Also 9 cargo and 3 colony ships. The rest will come later. I've played through January 29th, 1960, when GSV Caelum discovered the first jump point in the Sol system, just outside the orbit of Saturn.

  8. November 27, 2020bean said...

    We’ve discovered the Bernard’s Star System. I’ve uploaded a new database at that point.

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