April 01, 2020

Museum Review - SS Anne

Lord Nelson recently visited S.S. Anne, a cruise ship that was temporarily open to the public when docked in Kuchiba City, Kanto. Her priorities are rather different than mine.

SS Anne from pierside
Location: Kuchiba City, Kanto
Price: Free (talk to Bill for a ticket)
Rating: 3.5/5, Worth it if you're in the area

I'll start with the good things. The ship was gorgeous, both inside and out, and the crew was very friendly. I particularly enjoyed the public art on display throughout the vessel. It looks like regular passengers would have a lot to do, with a pool, a gym, crew-led aerobics, and a very nice restaurant. We even got to tour the kitchen, although I'm not sure how good their hygiene standards were, given that the Captain had some sort of stomach bug while I was there.

Inside SS Anne

That leads me to the bad things. Although the crew was lovely, the other guests, mostly passengers, were not. They insisted on showing me their pets, which were very aggressive. Fortunately, they had let me bring my emotional support animals with me, which were very helpful in dealing with the problem. Fortunately, there was also an onboard pet health clinic, and they confirmed that none of the animals attacking mine had rabies.

SS Anne departing from Kuchiba

One of the oddities of the ship is that people appear to be very careless with their personal belongings. I found half a dozen items that people had dropped, and when I tried to turn them into Lost and Found I was just told that they were now mine. The ship sailed right after I disembarked, and won't be back for another year. It's worth visiting if you're in the area, but I really hope that the appropriate authorities deal with their lax standards on pets.


  1. April 01, 2020redRover said...

    Well done!

  2. April 02, 2020ADifferentAnonymous said...

    Wow, it's been years since I saw the S.S. Anne! They've done a very impressive renovation since then (it used to look like this, but unfortunately all of the problems you describe were exactly the same.

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