December 24, 2023

Naval Gazing Meetup - New England 2024

After the success of last year's meetup in LA, I am doing another one in New England, from May 2nd to May 5th. We'll be staying in Providence, Rhode Island, where I have an AirBnB reserved, although it's currently full, so anyone who hasn't signed up will need to get a hotel room.

Why should you come?

1. Seeing cool stuff. The plan is to visit Battleship Cove (home of the USS Massachusetts, along with a destroyer and submarine) on Friday, then head to the Submarine Force Museum in Groton and Mystic Seaport on Saturday. The plan for Saturday is to split into two groups, and send one to each site first, depending on what people are more interested in. That said, it's definitely possible to get a decent experience at both in one day.

2. Great company. There will be lots of interesting people to talk to, even if you're not into military stuff. Cassander will also be there, but don't let that deter you.

3. Excellent food. Rebecca Friedman and Sam Chevre, who have cooked for the last two DSL meetups in DC, are providing the food (we might eat out on Saturday for logistical reasons, but other than that, all meals from dinner Thursday to breakfast Sunday will be provided), and I am sure it will be delicious. To secure their cooperation, I have designated them co-consuls of the kitchen, with full powers of impressement to secure necessary galley slaves.

What do I need to know about logistics?

If you want to be there the whole time, plan to arrive on Thursday the 2nd. Providence has a decent-sized airport, or you can fly into Boston and take the train down. Checkin is at 3, and I should be there then or shortly thereafter. We'll adjourn after breakfast on Sunday, and need to be out by 10. The AirBnB sleeps 10, and if we go over, I can help make alternative arrangements. For those staying in the main AirBnB (slots will be given out more or less first-come-first-served), expect cost to be about $250-300. Food will be $30/person, or less if you're only there part of the time.

Where do I sign up?

I've put together a Google Form that will serve as official signup. Please only fill it out if you are planning to come. And for anyone who was concerned about my asking for real names on the earlier form, I've removed that question.


  1. December 26, 2023Evan Þ said...

    Ooh! I'll need to check on some extended-family plans before I commit, but I'm very interested! Thanks for setting this up!

  2. January 03, 2024Jack said...

    "...and East German missile boat"

    I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but Hiddensee was scrapped a few months ago.

  3. January 04, 2024bean said...

    Yikes. Didn't realize that had happened, although doing a bit of reading, it makes sense. (For those wondering, she wasn't designed for long life and repairs would have been expensive.) Seems to happen to all of the ex-Soviet stuff on display, and at least I got to see her, unlike all of the others.

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