October 05, 2021

Naval Gazing Meetup - Washington DC

Data Secrets Lox is having a meetup in DC on October 23rd and 24th that Lord Nelson and I will be attending, and I would like to do something with Naval Gazing readers in the area. I was hoping to put together a trip to David Taylor Model Basin, but due to COVID, only the two of us will be going. So I need something else. Because of the DSL meetup, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon are both taken. The current plan is to hit the National Museum of the US Navy on Friday. We'll meet up at the Navy Yard entrance at 11 AM. I will be wearing a USS Iowa hat and shirt.


  1. October 06, 2021ryan8518 said...

    Do you have any contacts at Northrop/NGIS that can give a tour of the Dulles facilities?

  2. October 06, 2021ryan8518 said...

    Otherwise, Annapolis & the academy is worth a visit

  3. October 06, 2021bean said...

    I only have one contact at Northrop, and on the wrong coast for this. As for Annapolis, while I would very much like to get there eventually, I'm limited by transportation during this visit to DC and immediate surroundings. I don't really expect to get further out than Carderock or maybe Dulles.

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