October 31, 2017

Some News

A couple of things:

1. I was browsing the USNI Holiday Catalog, and ran across a fantastic deal. Probably my favorite naval history books are Samuel Eliot Morison's History of US Naval Operations in WW2. Right now, the USNI has the 14-volume set on sale for $105 while supplies last. I just ordered two as presents. This is a really good deal on books I cannot recommend highly enough. When I need an answer to a question about the USN in WW2 beyond what wiki can provide, they are always the first thing I reach for. I'm pretty sure this doesn't require membership, although if you're into naval stuff, the $40 web membership pays off fairly quickly. (Or it will, if you don't use it as an excuse to buy more naval books. Which is also a valid lifestyle choice.)

2. Iowa just opened the Full Steam Ahead tour, opening up the engine rooms, plots, and CEC. Previously, you had to be family or close friends of a volunteer (or a major donor) to get this. Highly recommended.


  1. November 21, 2017The Fatherly One said...

    Having had a private tour of the deep dark recesses of the Iowa it is one that should not be missed.

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