April 01, 2022

are ships delicious

hello this is dean the cat

i have been looking forward to asking this for some time and the humans are finally busy so i can share this with you

a while ago the big human was talking about birds like the awk and the osprey and after looking around for a while and not seeing birds i realized that it was talking about ships that were also birds so i wondered if ships were delicious like birds but it never understood me when i asked and just made fun of me by making noises

so ive been trying to find out but because it doesnt have one of these ships i decided to see if the books tasted good although the big human doesnt seem to like this and keeps yelling and me and pushing me away whenever i go for a taste

there are so many of these books in the house that it shouldnt be a problem if i eat one or two right

maybe some of you can convince it to let me taste the books or to get me a ship that tastes delicious

i am tired and will take a nap now




  1. April 01, 2022tim said...

    April Fools to you too Cat!

  2. April 02, 2022Rabidchaos said...

    Ships aren't delicious, but they contain delicious things. Humans will try to stop you from getting aboard, so you'll have to be very sneaky while the ship is tied up. Once aboard, you may find sneaky mice or rats for you to snack on (once you catch them). If not, humans are there to beg snacks from.

  3. April 05, 2022quanticle said...

    Dean for ship's cat.

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