March 26, 2021

Aurora Game 1 - 1976

1975 was a better year, with no losses among our survey ships. We discovered that both of our ships were destroyed by the same race, which was previously unknown to us, but surveys showed no connection between the systems we lost ships in. In fact, NN3659 was a dead end. Our xenology teams are still arguing over the implications of this. Beyond that, we have just finished developing a new commercial engine, which opens up options. We should probably consider a new tanker, as well as follow-on cargo and colony ships. We also need to figure out what action to take against this race, and what implications it has for our building plans.

Database for 1976.


  1. April 09, 2021echo said...

    Nice, Ophichus has a good amount of corundium.
    Gallicite is probably going to be a problem. Might be worth buying minerals from Wyzard ventures (and assigning them a mining admin). There's also a few comets with important minerals (HIP 56244-A comet 7 and 14, L145-141-A comet 8, etc.), so getting some orbital mining up might be good.

    That system map is getting ridiculously huge already! You've been doing a ton of exploring.

  2. April 10, 2021John Schilling said...

    Regarding the hostile aliens, they seem to have much faster ships than ours, which suggests faster missiles as well, and I'm not liking our odds in a fight. If it has to be done, I'd rather it be done as they come through a jump point, and with them rather than us on the far end of a long supply line.

    I'd still like to get a fast (by our standards at least) reconnaissance ship close enough to take a look at their homeworld, but otherwise let's not provoke them. Let's do have picket ships waiting to see if they start moving out from their current systems.

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