December 11, 2017

Links 1 - Naval Engineering

Ran across a 2-part article, and thought I'd share it here. By a former Navy engineer, with lots of interesting bits on running a steam plant. Particularly valuable for his insights into reactivating old ships. I would quibble that there are still people who know how to run Iowa's plan and can make it down the ladder (I've done tours with a couple of them), but that's just nitpicking.

Part 1

Part 2


  1. December 11, 2017Andrew Hunter said...

    Well, I have a new favorite blog. Recommended other articles at the top also look damn cool.

    "The flight deck is covered with the personal autos of the crew" - things I didn't realize were done.

    I am having a fun time trying to decipher the navy slang and implied actions. "I wanted the tank pumped out, gas freed and inspected by someone wearing khaki" - is this an implication of rank or branch of service? (I'm also not sure what "gas freed" means--something about being full of breathable air, maybe?)

    "I remember another occasion when the packing on an unisolable high pressure drain valve failed. The only way to safely repair it was to cool down the boiler so there was absolutely no pressure and then commence repairs. We did not have that much time. I kicked everyone but the Boiler Technician Senior Chief Petty Officers out of the space and using welding gloves and a welding jacket to cover the valve." - does this mean what I think it does?

  2. December 12, 2017bean said...

    "Wearing khaki" means it's an officer, a warrant officer, or a chief. He wants someone senior to take a look. (Well, it used to mean that. These days, there's a khaki uniform for junior enlisted, but the Navy's stunning inability to get its uniforms right is another can of worms.) Not 100% sure about "gas freed".

    I'm not sure what you think he means re valve repacking. I don't have any specifics on that.

  3. December 12, 2017CatCube said...

    The only thing I could think of for "gas freed" would be to ensure that the tank didn't have an asphyxiating atmosphere prior to a man entering.

  4. December 12, 2017BillG said...

    Sometimes gas free also means free of flammable vapors so that hot work like welding or cutting can be done. Depends on context.

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