June 02, 2021

Naval Gazing Meetup 2021 - Los Angeles

I am pleased to announce the first in-person Naval Gazing meetup for nearly three years. As you'd probably expect, my first stop is going to be Iowa, and I plan to host a meetup there on Saturday, July 10th. Assume we'll start at 1000 when the ship opens, although I can't say how late I expect things to go. I may try to arrange something special for us, but this is still in the early stages, and I'll update as I know more. Feel free to come even if you're a casual reader/don't know much about battleships. If that's the case, you'll learn. Hope to see you there!


  1. June 02, 2021Johan Larson said...

    Sounds like a good time. Unfortunately I won't be joining you, since Canadian quarantine requirements would make it a real pain to get back into Canada. Next year!

  2. June 02, 2021tim shatz said...

    Great Job Bean. I'm with the northern neighbor, will not make it but think it's really cool you do this for everyone. Enjoy the Iowa.

    If you ever do the New Jersey, let me know. I can definitely make that one.

  3. June 02, 2021bean said...

    If you ever do the New Jersey, let me know. I can definitely make that one.

    Interestingly, there's a very good chance that I'll be in Philadelphia later this year, although the meetup will probably be on Olympia instead of New Jersey. I'm selfish with new battleships.

  4. June 02, 2021Neal said...


    Definitely let us know if you are going to be visiting the Olympia as we would drive over to join that one. I have wanted to link it to other Philly business I have been letting slip. Also wanted to get over to the other side of the river and see the NJ. Figure it has to be a better tour than the Alabama.

  5. June 03, 2021Mike Kozlowski said...

    ....DEFIITELY let me know if you ever want to set anything up at Patriots Point in Charleston SC (YORKTOWN CV-10, LAFFEY DD- 724) or The Immortal Showboat (NORTH CAROLINA BB-55) at Wilmington NC. Showboat is in amazing shape and they love groups.


  6. June 03, 2021bean said...

    Both of those are on my to-do list at some point, hopefully soon now that I can start traveling again. But probably not this year.

  7. June 07, 2021Aaron said...

    Very exciting, I plan to attend.

  8. June 09, 2021Chris Bradshaw said...

    I too would be interested in you're ever in the area for Olympia or Jersey.

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