April 02, 2023

Naval Gazing Meetup - LA 2023

I've been alluding to this for a while, but I've finally gotten enough ducks in a row to make things public.

I will be hosting a Naval Gazing meetup in LA from June 9th through the 11th. Unlike previous meetups, this one is intended for people who would like to visit Iowa with me but don't live in SoCal, so I've gotten an AirBnB for the weekend. (But people who live in the area are also invited.) Everyone is welcome, even if you have just been a lurker so far.

The core of the event is of course the battleship tour, which will take place on Saturday the 10th. We should be able to see at least some behind-the-scenes stuff, although I can't make any promises on how much. If you're LA-based, you're also welcome to come for just the Iowa tour.

The second reason to come is lots of hanging out with extremely interesting people. This cannot be overemphasized. The AirBnB reservation opens on the 8th, so you can get in Thursday if you want to, and I expect that we'll do something Friday for whoever is there. Probably the LA science center and the Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Rebecca Friedman has agreed to come and cook for the meetup, so be prepared for delicious medieval food. This was one of the highlights of both 2022 DSL meetups. She is to be dictator of the kitchen, with full power of impressment.

We'll be staying in Belmont Heights, Long Beach. This is very close to Long Beach airport, which is my favorite airport in the country. If you can't fly into there, I would recommend John Wayne/SNA over LAX. The distance is about the same, but it's a much better experience.

If you wish to attend, email me at battleshipbean at gmail, to make sure I have a good way of getting in touch with everyone. Feel free to come even if you're usually a lurker. Those who have been to similar meetups can provide testimonials that they're amazingly fun.

The AirBnB sleeps 10, which I will allocate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cost should be around $/80/night. If we go past that, I will set up alternate arrangements.

Current RSVPs:

  • bean
  • 3 Friedmans
  • John Schilling
  • Johan Larson
  • Garrett
  • Cassander
  • Albert


  1. April 04, 2023The Fatherly One said...

    I would like to attend something like this, however your sibling and I will be leaving for Yellowstone on the 9th so maybe 2024?

  2. April 04, 2023bean said...

    I would guess this may not be yearly, but I look forward to your presence next time.

  3. April 06, 2023Telnar said...

    I’m interested, if on the wrong coast, so I’ll have to check logistics before I can confirm.

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