August 04, 2018

Naval Gazing Meetup - USS Iowa

It's time to officially start with planning for the next Naval Gazing meetup, this time at home. I'm going to be giving a tour of Iowa on the afternoon of September 8th, starting at 1:30. I'll try to be available starting at 1, and I'll post meeting place and recognition signal when we get closer. I'd appreciate an RSVP, although I'm certainly not opposed to getting walk-ins if you find yourself available at the last minute. Price is $20 for general admission ($18 if you book online),1 and parking is $2/hr after the first hour. I expect us to finish between 4 and 5, when the ship closes. It should be a lot of fun. To people from SSC who aren't regular readers, you're very welcome, but be aware that this is kind of going to be the geek tour. I won't be holding back from waxing lyrical about the fire control system, for instance.

Why are we starting so late, you might ask. The reason is to give anyone who wants to a chance to do the Full Steam Ahead tour, which will take you down to the engine rooms and aft plotting rooms. It's $50, but that includes general admission. Space is limited, so I'd encourage you to get your tickets now. It's a true behind-the-scenes tour, with a lot less roped off and otherwise inaccessible than on most ships.2

MEETING PLACE: We'll meet at ticketing. I should be recognizable from the various pictures posted here. I'll be wearing the Iowa hat and shirt, and carrying a Naval Gazing sign.

1 If cost is going to be a dealbreaker for anyone, let me know and I'll see if I can arrange something.

2 No, I probably won't be helping with the FSA that morning. I have other plans. That's another reason we aren't starting earlier.


  1. August 09, 2018Richard Mason said...

    Planning to attend with two adults and one child.

  2. August 09, 2018David Manheim said...

    I'm not sure if you're aware or in touch already, but there's also an active Lesswrong meetup group 45 minutes north of there. I'm no longer in LA, but they are also having an SSC meetup.

    Los Angeles, California Time: Wednesday, August 29, 7:00 Location: Wine Bar next to Landmark Theater in Westside Pavillion, 10850 Pico Blvd #312

  3. August 09, 2018bean said...


    I look forward to meeting you.


    I’m no longer in LA myself. I meant to get to one of those meetups, but never got around to it before I moved. (I lived 30 minutes west of Iowa.) And this certainly wasn’t intended to compete with the main meetup. It was just a chance to do something different which I threw into the SSC meetup pool because of timing.

  4. August 10, 2018XB70Valk said...

    I will be there.

  5. August 10, 2018bean said...


    Excellent. See you there.

  6. August 17, 2018John Schilling said...

    I'll either be there, or I'll be in Cape Canaveral watching people load hideously toxic propellants into a spacecraft and shouting "You fools! You're doing it wrong!". Too early to tell which; will let you know when I know.

  7. August 17, 2018bean said...

    Besides the fact that that's your job, that's one of the few things cool enough for me to let you off the hook for not showing up. But I hope you do get to show.

  8. September 06, 2018John Schilling said...

    It is now, finally, clear that I will be in town on Saturday, and will therefore see you on the Iowa.

  9. September 09, 2018bean said...

    I had a great time today. It was fun to meet new people and see ones I knew, too.

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