August 05, 2022

Open Thread 110

It's time for our regular open thread. Talk about whatever you want, so long as it isn't culture war.

A few items of business. First, if you're interested in going to Miramar, please RSVP on the stickied post. Second, Johan Larson is setting up a military reading group on DSL, and for the first month, the book is the excellent Blind Man's Bluff, about submarine espionage during the Cold War. If anyone has been looking for an excuse to read it, now is the time. Third, I'm at 113,000 words on the book, currently working on the technical sections for the treaty battleships, and starting work on the Iowa chapter.

2018 overhauls are The 15" Battleships, Museum Ships - United States, LA Fleet Week 2016, Information, Communication and Naval Warfare Part 1, SYWTBAMN - Aviation Part 3 and The OIC. 2019 overhauls are Lion and Vanguard, Wolverine and Sable, Italian Battleships in WWII, SYWTBABB - Trials and Commissioning, How to Build a Battleship - 1942 and The Maximum Battleship. 2020 overhauls are NWAS ASW Parts one and two, Coastal Defenses Part 5 and Spotting. 2021 overhauls are The Under Siege Review, Pictures - Iowa Turret One, NWAS Nuclear SAMs and Confederate Raiding Part 5.


  1. August 05, 2022Brett said...

    Do you think they'll take a second look at nuclear power on the replacement for the Burkes? I know they had nuclear-powered cruisers and eventually ditched because they were so much more expensive, but all that extra electrical power would be nice. But on the third hand, it would limit the ports they could visit.

  2. August 05, said...

    I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but Tom Friedman has found a way to lower my already rock bottom opinion of him, in one of the worst takes on anything I've read all year. There's something wrong in almost every paragraph.

  3. August 05, 2022bean said...


    Legally, they're required to. Personally, I'd be very happy if they did, because the advantages are substantial. In practice, I don't expect it to get much of a look-in because of the general belief that they're too expensive. But I have no clue what's going on with the LSC/DDG(X)/CG(X)/Whatever it is this week. They keep talking about the Zumwalt hull, which is not a particularly good sign.

  4. August 05, 2022Evan Þ said...

    Unfortunately I won't be getting to Miramar this year; got some family events that week. Sorry to miss it!

  5. August 05, 2022hnau said...

    Book recommendation: I recently finished reading which I hadn't known existed before I picked it up at a used book sale. The back cover sells it as an early, pioneering spy thriller but it would be more accurately described as "grown-up Swallows and Amazons" or "Treasure Island if the treasure map was replaced with The Influence of Sea Power upon History". It was written in 1903 and tells the story of two friends who become suspicious of a German naval build-up while on a sailing holiday along its North Sea coast. The spy plot is a slow burn and not too exciting by modern standards, but sailing and naval strategy are front and center here and well depicted, which should interest Naval Gazing readers. (The passages about a coming naval conflict with Germany focused on the Heligoland Bight region are quite prophetic.)

  6. August 05, 2022Neal said...

    Have the Chinese displayed anything we did not know they had or were capable of during their show of force near Taiwan these past few days? Or was it rather all what we knew and expected?

    Interesting dichotomy...the U.S. government is showing its commitment to Taiwan (and I would argue even more to the Quad) while U.S.companies and organizations such as Apple, Nike, the NBA, etc., are scrambling to not anger China.

    I fully understand that the U.S. commercial sector is not responsible for defense or foreign policy, but I have never found fawning and obsequious cowtowing to be an attractive trait. Invertebrates are interesting biological specimens to study in the proper context but this does not seem to be one of them.

  7. August 05, 2022bean said...


    Sorry you won't be able to make it.


    It's been on my list for a while, although said list is a bit full. May give it another try at some point.


    Haven't heard of anything new, just rattling the old saber a bit harder. And very much with you re US companies.

  8. August 06, 2022Andrew Hunter said...

    What should I name my next dog?

    My first dog was Temeraire, at first after the Turner painting; at some point I decided she was named after the dreadnought. My second was Bellerophon (her sister ship.) Sadly, they're both dead... And I'm starting to plan my next dog. But not many of the remaining dreadnoughts have good dog names! Perhaps Agincourt ("Aggie") for a bitch? Orion isn't awful? The other pickings are slim.

    I'm committed to a ship name, and strongly prefer one from the Royal Navy. I'm not totally opposed to a non-dreadnought.


  9. August 06, 2022muddywaters said...

    @hnau: available here, as are many old books (fiction and non-).

  10. August 06, 2022bean said...


    There's a book, Ships of the Royal Navy, that has a list of every ship name used by the RN since the 15th century. Beyond that, I can't help too much.

  11. August 06, 2022Johan Larson said...

    Obviously, you should name your dog after the Happy Entrance, a real name for a real ship.

  12. August 06, 2022Anonymous said...

    Doggie McDogFace should be close enough to being named after a ship.


  13. August 07, 2022DampOctopus said...


    The list of Royal Navy dreadnaughts looks to me like it has some reasonable options. "Duke" (for HMS Iron Duke) is a very common dog name, and "Ajax" and "Hercules" are also in common usage, though all of these sound like large-dog names. For interest, these are respectively ranked #34, #206 and #248 on

    Or if you're looking for something more unusual, perhaps - for a more energetic breed - take "Audacious", and shorten it to "Dash"?

    There are enough options that, in your position, I'd be inclined to find the dog first, then choose a name to suit.

  14. August 09, 2022quanticle said...

    Does it have to be a dreadnought, specifically? What about Nelson, or Rodney? Orion could be good too. If it's a female, what about Elizabeth? Lion would be a fun name, just for the irony.

  15. August 09, 2022Doctorpat said...

    Not seeing any reason not to name a dog "Dreadnought"

  16. August 09, 2022AlexT said...

    If you'll take sub names, Shark would do nicely: short, recognizable, fairly rare and great fun at the beach.

  17. August 09, 2022Lambert said...

    Lance, Fury, Blossom, Hebe and Stubborn are RN vessels that are also Xenophon-approved dog names, as per his treatise 'on Hunting'.

  18. August 09, 2022quanticle said...

    The Russian Navy just published some new photos of their perpetually-undergoing-refit project ship, the Admiral Kuznetsov.

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