September 02, 2022

Open Thread 112

It's time once again for our regular Open Thread. Talk about whatever you want, so long as it isn't Culture War.

A couple of interesting things lately. For anyone who owns the game Stormworks, there's a recent full-scale Iowa that is just gorgeous. It's not completely perfect, but there are a lot of truly wonderful details. I used it to give the friends I play with a tour yesterday, and we all had a great time.

Second, I wrote up an entry criticizing some of the details on the EA evaluation of nuclear war.

2018 overhauls are my reviews of Constitution and Battleship Cove, The Battleship of the Future?, Underwater Protection Part 2, Understanding Hull Symbols and Lunshunkou and Weihaiwei. 2019 overhauls are Falklands Part 17, Pictures - Iowa Medical, A Brief Overview of the United States Fleet, Cool Facilities - David Taylor Model Basin, Riverine Warfare - North America and Spanish-American War Part 9. 2020 overhauls are Powder Part 4, Merchant Ships Tugs and Offshore Support and Falklands Part 22. 2021 overhauls are Lasers at Sea Part 3, Naval Radar - More Advanced Stuff and Norway Parts five and six.


  1. September 02, 2022Eilesberu said...

    Any comments/thoughts on the Battleship Texas?

  2. September 02, 2022muddywaters said...

    @Eilesberu: history here and here, museum pictures here.

  3. September 02, 2022ike said...

    sending ships to the yard with missiles aboard is considered bad form, so those warheads probably won't count against the US total

    You have a way with words.

  4. September 03, 2022ike said...

    Also, forum bug:

    If you click on one of the links to comments the search box generates, it just sends you to the last article you have read instead.

  5. September 03, 2022bean said...


    I'm very glad that the state of Texas found the money to save her. I spent several years very worried that we'd lose her. When she gets back from drydock and reopens, I intend to be there to greet her.


    It's done that forever. Not sure why.

  6. September 03, 2022ike said...


    changing (format search box generates)

    to (format recent comments uses)

    works (let's hope auto-formatting doesn't garble this)

  7. September 04, 2022cwillu said...

    Do carriers have any conning spaces on the left side of the ship? Clearly they don't have a secret telescoping tower hidden between the one and two wires, but do they simply avoid any close navigation on that side of the ship?

  8. September 04, 2022Philistine said...

    I'd expect them to use harbor tugs for that. That's the kind of thing tugs are for.

  9. September 05, 2022bean said...

    A lot of the older carriers had conning positions right forward, and you can see the portholes under the forward edge of the flight deck. I think that went away at some point, although I don't recall exactly when. These days, it's all from the island, and if they need to do close-in work on the port side, they presumably use tugs or send someone with a radio over.

  10. September 05, 2022Lambert said...

    Given how cheap cameras are nowadays, I'd assume that any sufficiently big, expensive ship would have all-around CCTV coverage. (sorry if this is a double post, the captcha is acting up)

  11. September 07, 2022Philistine said...

    Even with cameras, I would expect tugs to simply do the job better anyplace they're available (and I expect that the carriers wouldn't often go to places where tugs would be helpful but not available).

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